Adding Activities in Swim Lanes

Once all the building blocks are ready, we can add activities in swim lanes.

Let's first understand, how each activity drives the workflow:

These activities form the backbone of the definition of the support process and are labeled as:

To add activities in the swim lanes:

  1. In the My Process Models panel, expand the Support Case model
  2. Drag the Support Case Factory application from the Applications node and drop it in the Start Process swim lane. The script task named Support Case Factory gets created.

    Create Activity
    Figure: Create Application Activity

  3. Click on the newly created application activity to view its properties

    Figure: Click Application Activity

  4. In the General properties, specify Init Data in the Name text box

    Figure: Application Activity - Init Data

    Note that it is a Script Task.
  5. Go to the Profile panel and make sure that the Integrator profile is selected.

    Figure: Profile - Integrator

  6. In the properties panel of the Init Data activity, click on the Implementation icon to view implementation properties

    Figure: Property - Implementation

  7. In the toolbar, click the Create Activity icon and drop it in the Collect Details swim lane

    Figure: Activity Added

  8. Rename the activity as Enter Data
  9. Similarly, add following activities:

Figure: Activities

Creating Transitions between Two Activities

Once all the activities are created, the modeler has to define their sequence and transitions between these activities. So that a workflow is defined.

To define a transition between two activities:

  1. Hover the mouse over the Init Data activity and click the sequence flow icon

    Figure: Click Sequence Flow Icon

  2. Click the Enter Data activity as second anchor point for connection

    Figure: Define Transition

  3. Similarly, specify transition for following activities:
  4. Leave the Notify Customer activity without any transition