Triggers are events which cause a process to start. Several types of triggers can initiate a process: a performer, a point in time, an incoming mail or a JMS message can serve as triggers.

The process defined in the previous sections will use a manual trigger assigned to the role Callcenter Agent. So a performer having the role Callcenter Agent can initiate the support case management process after he has received a support call. Other roles (e.g. Engineer) will not be able to initiate this particular process since their role has not been assigned to the manual trigger.

Creating a Trigger

To create a manual trigger:

  1. In the diagram toolbar palette select Lifecycle > Manual Trigger and place the symbol on the diagram canvas.
  2. Double-click the Trigger symbol to open its properties dialog.
  3. In the Name field fill in Support Call.
  4. Select Manual Trigger on the left pane of the properties dialog.
  5. Choose Callcenter Agent in the list.
  6. Click Apply.

Adding a Trigger
Figure: Adding a Trigger to the Process Definition

Connect the trigger with the Init Data activity by right-clicking the trigger symbol - choosing Connect - and subsequently clicking the Init Data activity.

Model with Trigger
Figure: Completed Support Case Model with Trigger