Creating a Process Definition

When you create a Infinity Process Model, a process called Process Definition 1 is automatically added to the model. If you are following the tutorial through step-by-step, you should already have Process Definition 1 showing in the Outline view. If this is the case, you can skip to Assigning a Name to the Process below.

Process Definition

A process definition is a series of activities performed to achieve a goal. The definition includes the description of the interplay of resources involved in the process, the connections between the activities and results the process delivers.

To create a process definition:

Figure: Creating a New Process Definition

As a result, a new process definition labeled Process Definition 2, appears in the tree view below your ACME Workflow Model element.

Assigning a Name to the Process

To give a meaningful name to a created process definition, you need to change its properties. You can access properties of each element in your model via the properties dialog pertaining to this element. This is done by opening the context menu with a right-mouse-click on the element.

Thus, to assign a name and an ID to the new process definition:

  1. Right-click the Process Definition 1 tree node.
  2. Select the option Properties.

  3. On the left side of the dialog select General.
  4. Name the process Support Case Management with the ID SupportCaseManagement (If you have preferences option Enable Auto Id Generation enabled, you do not need to enter the ID of the process manually).
  5. Click OK to close the property dialog.

Process Definition Properties
Figure: Assigning a Name and an ID to the New Process Definition

Support Process Attachments

To support process attachments, which we will need to be able to create correspondence, select Process supports attachments in the Process Attachments section.

Figure: Support process attachments

An IN and an OUT data path are created automatically for the process attachments.

Figure: Data path created for process attachments

For details on process attachments, refer to chapter Process Attachments of chapter Working with Process Definitions.

Opening a Process Diagram

Each process is defined by at least one diagram. A default diagram is created simultaneously with the creation of a process definition. To create more diagrams you can use the same context menu that we have just used to open the property dialog. The option New Diagram adds a diagram to the model. For the purposes of this tutorial, the default diagram will suffice.

To open the default diagram:

Empty canvas
Figure: Opening a Diagram

! Tip: The Infinity Process Platform drawing canvas can be blank (as shown above) or may have a grid of dots to help align symbols. You can add or remove the grid by right clicking on the canvas and changing the Align Grid option.