Creating Structured Data Types

We will use structured data types for our data definitions and their retrieval from the Audit Trail database. Structured data types have to be defined as properties of the workflow model and can then be used as data types during modeling. Please refer to the chapter Structured Data Types of the Modeling Guide for detailed information on working with structured data types.

Create the New Structured Data Types

First we create new structured data types for the ACME Workflow Model:

  1. In the Outline view right-click Structured Types.
  2. Select New Composite.

Select New Composite.
Figure: Select New Composite.

Define the Structured Data Type Product

Now the newly created composite type is visible in the Structured Types tree. Open the properties dialog of the new composite type:

Open the Composite Properties.
Figure: Open the Composite Properties.

Now we define the structured data type Product:

  1. In the General part name the new structured type Product.
  2. Go to the Structured Type Definition.
  3. In the name entry of the table enter Name.
  4. Click in the type entry and choose the proposed type string.
  5. Leave the cardinality as Exactly one.
  6. In the same way enter the following composite types:

Structured Data Type Product.
Figure: Create the Structured Data Type Product.

Define the Structured Data Type Customer

To create the structured data type Customer, again create a new composite type as described in the preceeding section and proceed as follows:

  1. Name the new structured type Customer.
  2. Add the following composite types:

Structured Data Type Customer.
Figure: Create the Structured Data Type Customer.

Now the data type Customer can be used for the data in our ACME model.