The DMS Integration provides

The Content Repository API for Java

The Content Repository API for Java (JCR) is a specification for a Java platform API for accessing content repositories in a uniform manner. The content repositories are used in content management systems to keep the content data and also the meta-data used in CMS such as versioning meta-data.


The Infinity Process Platform DMS integration feature is based on the Apache Jackrabbit integration of JCR.

Apache Jackrabbit is a fully conforming Content Repository API implementation for Java. A content repository is a hierarchical content store with support for structured and unstructured content, full text search, versioning, transactions, observation, and more. Please see the Apache Jackrabbit site.

The Infinity Process Platform Document Management Service

Infinity Process Platform provides a document management service class based on JCR. This class offers:

Please refer to chapter Document Service API for more information.

DMS Data Types

Infinity Process Platform provides data types for content nodes like documents or folders.

Please refer to the chapter DMS Data Types for detailed information on how to set up and work with these data types.

Document Service Application Type

Infinity Process Platform provides a Document Service application type, which offers selected document management operations such as a document creation or versioning.

Please refer to the chapter Document Service Operation Application Type for detailed information on how to set up and work with this application type.

JSF Document Viewer

A JSF facelet is provided by Infinity Process Platform to display the file content of DMS documents as well as its properties. The content is displayed via standard viewers registered by the operating system and browser (e.g. for PDF, JPG, etc.). Literal metadata or attributes can be edited via an editor traversing the subnode structure of the document node.

Please refer to the section The Process Manager Jackrabbit Facet of the Deployment chapter for information on the Process Manager Jackrabbit facet usage.