Viewing Information on Camel Contexts and Routes

To retrieve information about the Camel contexts and routes on the runtime environment, open the Integration Management view from the Administration Perspective launch panel.

Open the Integration Manager view
Figure: Open the Integration Manager view

The Integration Management allows you to monitor and manage Apache Camel instances and routes.

Camel Contexts List
Figure: Integration Management view

Integration Management Features

Camel Contexts

The Camel Contexts section is a data grid displaying the following entries:

Camel Contexts List
Figure: Camel Context List

If you want to search for specific Camel contexts, specify the camel context id in the filter text box. The search result displays the filtered camel contexts.
To update the table click the refresh button .

Camel Routes

Once you select a Camel context, its corresponding routes will be displayed in the following three tabs:

Camel Contexts List
Figure: Route List

By default, the route data grid displays the following entries:

Route Statistics

More columns regarding route statistics can be displayed. The statistics are related to:

The Select Columns button opens the Select Column dialog, where you can control the columns to display in the route data grid.

Route Column Selection
Figure: Route Column Select