Viewing Information on all Process Instances

To retrieve information about all process instances, including case process instances, performed on behalf of the runtime environment, open the Process Overview in the Administration Perspective launch panel.

The Process Overview provides It visualizes all the information that can be retrieved from the audit trail database and since this can result in a huge amount of data, the Process View offers several filter options to obtain the exact information you want.

Figure: The Process Overview

Process Instances Counter

This section displays how many processes have been executed in the engine and how many of them are active, interrupted, completed and aborted.

Process Instances Counter
Figure:Process Instances Counter


The Processes table displays a list of log entries, showing the following basic information on each process instance:

ProcessName of the process instance. The name of the case process instance is displayed as Case Process. For more information on Cases, please refer to chapter Case - Grouping Processes of the Infinity Process Platform Concepts Case - Grouping Processes of the Concepts handbook.
Process OIDOID of the process instance
PriorityPriority of the process (normal, low or high)
DescriptorsDescriptors belonging to the process
Starting UserUser who started the process
Start TimeStart time of the process instance
DurationDuration of the process in days, hours, minutes and seconds
ActionsAvailable actions

The following columns are not displayed, but can be added via the Select Column filter:

BenchmarkThis column displays a benchmark category flag for a process instance in case benchmarks are defined.
StatusStatus of the activity (completed, suspended etc.)
Root Process OIDOID of root process.
End TimeEnd time of the process instance
Case OwnerOwner of the case
Root ProcessRoot process
Case DescriptionDescription of the case
Case NameName of the case
<custom descriptor> You can add a separate column for each available descriptor. The column uses the name of the according descriptor. See section Selecting a separate column for a specific descriptor of chapter Working with Activity Tables for details.

For a detailed description on the columns, table and toolbar options, please refer to chapter Working with Process Tables in the Working with Tables section.