Modifying Quality Assurance Probability

Use the Quality Assurance Manager view, which you can open from the Administration Perspective launch panel, to specify quality assurance sample sizes for activities that are marked for quality assurance. For details on quality assurance refer to chapter Quality Assurance in the Infinity Process Platform Concepts Quality Assurance in the Infinity Process Platform Concepts handbook.

Quality Assurance Activities

The Quality Assurance Activities table lists all activities flagged for quality assurance. The table lists all activities in the currently deployed models.

Quality Assurance Activities
Figure: Quality Assurance Activities Table

If a row is selected for an activity having a scoped default performer, the Departments table is populated to allow a quality assurance sample size to be specified for each data scope, e.g. department.

Toolbar Actions

The following toolbar actions are provided:

Showing and hiding obsolete activities

With the Show/Hide Obsolete Activities icon / you can toggle to display or hide quality assurance activity/performer pairs that do not exist in the current model versions.

The default quality assurance probability set in the model is applied to all activities started in that model. When a quality assurance probability is set in the table, it applies to the activity in all model versions for the activity/performer pair. For scenarios where the default performer of an activity has been changed, the quality assurance probability for previous activity/performer pairs can be viewed in the table by clicking the icon mentioned above and then edited if desired using the normal gestures.

Editing quality assurance probability

To change row(s) to edit mode for quality assurance probability, select the row(s) and click the Edit QA Probability icon .

Make Quality Assurance Probability editable.
Figure: Make Quality Assurance Probability editable.

The QA Probability (%) field becomes editable.

Make Quality Assurance Probability editable.
Figure: Edit QA Probability

The field to be edited is indicated with an asterisk on the right side. To save the edited probability, click the Save icon in the upper right corner of the view.

Only values between 0 and 100 are accepted. In case the value is invalid, the following error message appears and the values are not saved:

Probablity Value Error Message
Figure: Error message indicating invalid probability value.

Departments Table

The Departments table is populated in case a row is selected in the Quality Assurance Activities table for an activity having a scoped default performer. It lists each departments the default performer for the selected activity is part of and allows to specify the sample size for each department.

Quality Assurance Departments
Figure: Quality Assurance Departments Table

The toolbar provides the option to edit the quality assurance probability value for selected row(s) via the Edit QA Probability icon . The functionality is the same as described in section Editing quality assurance probability.