Managing Realms

To retrieve all available information about realms, have the possibility to create new realms or to delete existing realms in the Infinity Process Platform runtime environment, open the Realm Manager view from the Administration Perspective launch panel. The view offers:

Realms Table

The Realm table provides the following realm information:

Figure: Realm Manager View

Creating a new Realm

To create a new realm, select the Create Realm button above the realm management table.

A dialog pops up, where you can fill in the details of the realm like ID, name and description. The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

Figure: Enter Data for Realm.

Deleting a Realm

To delete one or more realm(s), select the realm(s) to be deleted in the realm management table. Press the Delete button above the table to remove the selected realm(s).

A confirmation dialog pops up to confirm the deletion by the user.

Delete Realm Confirmation Dialog
Figure: Delete Realm Confirmation Dialog