Managing User Groups

To manage user groups, open the User Group Manager view from the Administration Perspective launch panel. In this view, you can create, modify and invalidate user groups. These can be used as conditional performers during runtime. Please refer to the chapter Modeling the Organizational Structure of the Infinity Process Platform Documentation - Modeling Guide section Creating and Deleting Conditional Performers of the chapter Modeling the Organizational Structure for information on how to use a conditional performer for user groups.

The User Group Manager provides all available information about user groups, and the possibility to create new user groups or to modify existing user groups in the Infinity Process Platform runtime environment. The view offers:

Figure: User Group View

User Groups Count Section

This section displays how many user groups are active and their total number.

User Count Section
Figure: User Groups Count Section

All User Groups

The All User Groups table provides the following information about all user groups:

All User Groups
Figure: All User Groups

Additionally, a column for the User Group OID can be selected in the Select Column dialog, which you can invoke via the Select Column icon.

Exporting Table Content

You have the option to export the User Groups table as CSV. Click one of the Export / Export icons in the toolbar. Please refer to chapter Exporting Table Content for details on exporting table content.

Invalid User Groups

A user group is invalid if the Valid To field is set to a valid date value between 1. Jan 1970 and the current system date. Note that values earlier than 1 January 1970 does not invalidate the user group!

Creating a new User Group

To create a new user group, select the Create User Group button Select Column in the user group table toolbar.

A dialog will pop up, where you can fill in the details of the user group like ID, name, validation range and comments. The fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

Figure: Enter Data for New User Group.

Modifying a User Group

You can modify the properties of a user group by clicking on its Name entry.

Figure: Click to Modify User Group.

The upcoming dialog has the same functionality as described in section Creating a new User Group.

Figure: Modify User Group Data.

Invalidating User Groups

You can invalidate user groups by selecting them in the user group management table and clicking the Invalidate User Group icon in the table toolbar.

A dialog opens to notify if the invalidation of the user group(s) was successful or to notify in case of a failure. A table displays the name of the user group along with the invalidating status.

Invalidate Notification
Figure: Invalidate Notification

Invalidate Notification
Figure: Notification for failed invalidation