Recovering the Runtime Environment

If an EJB server crashes, it may leave non-interactive activities in an uncompleted state. Their branch in an activity-transition-network "hangs". Infinity Process Platform users can always restart interactive activities.

Also, it is possible that non-interactive activities, as well as some interactive ones, fail to be completed due to unexpected errors, either because of programming errors or invalid state of the application, in which case the activities are marked as interrupted.

Starting the Recovery Process

You can start a recovery from the Administration perspective launch panel in the Administrative Actions section. To "reanimate" problematic activities invoke the option Recovery.

Figure: Recovering the Infinity Process Platform Runtime Environment

A dialog opens to confirm the start of the recovery process.

Recovery Confirm
Figure: Confirm the Recovery Process

If the recover process is successful, an information dialog opens to notify that the workflow engine recovery is completed.

Recovery Confirm
Figure: Confirm the Recovery Process

Database Backup and Recovery

The Infinity Process Platform runtime environment does not use any other persistent and/or transactional resource beside the audit trail database. The only backup task for the runtime environment is the backup of the audit trail database. If Infinity Process Platform is used to implicitly access other transactional resources than the audit trail database (e.g. via Entity Beans), Infinity Process Platform attempts to use JTA/JTS (Java Transaction API/Java Transaction Services) to synchronize the access. Recovery is then performed according to the current transaction monitor.