Exporting Models

Use the Export option to export a model with its referenced models as well. To export models:

  1. Click the icon in the Actions column of the Model Management table.
  2. Choose Export.

  3. The Export dialog is displayed.

    Figure: Export Model

  4. Select from the options whether you want to export only one model or even its referenced models.

    Note that when you select the option Selected model only or the model contains no references to other models, the system generates a single XPDL file.

    When you select the option Selected model and All referenced models, the system creates a single zip file containing all the XPDL files of the referenced models.

  5. Click Export. The File Download dialog is displayed.

    Figure: File Download

  6. Click Save option. The Save As dialog is displayed.
  7. Select the location and save the file.