Modifying Implementation

The Modify Implementation option enables you to provide alternate implementation which also includes the default implementation for the primary implementation of process interface. If you have implemented the process interface in one of your models for its process definition then only you can modify implementation for its process interface. For more information, please refer to the Implements Process Interface section of chapter Working with Process Interface in the Infinity Process Platform Documentation - Developer Handbook. Implements Process Interface section of the Working with Process Interface chapter of the Developers Handbook.

  1. Click the Modify Implementation icon in the Actions column of the Model Management table.
  2. The Modify Implementation dialog is displayed. The default implementation is selected. If more than one process definition is implementing the interface of the same model then the same Model OID is displayed for multiple processes.

    Figure: Modify Implementation

  3. Select a new implementation from a list of alternate implementations.

    Figure: Modify Implementation - Select alternate implementation

  4. Write appropriate comment and click Save.

For the detail usage, please refer to the Business Case 3: Specific Implementations section of chapter Common Usage Pattern in the Infinity Concepts Business Case 3: Specific Implementations section of the Common Usage Pattern chapter of the Concepts guide.


Switching the primary implementation for a running process has the following restrictions: