Viewing Details on Deployed Models

To view deployed models and perform various operations on them, open the Model Management view from the Administration Perspective launch panel.

The view displays disjoint models, referenced models (provider) as well as referencing models (consumer). Note that, to be able to modify and deploy models in this view, you need to either have administrator rights or, if the requiredRoles is not set to Administrator, have the permission to deploy and modify models. Refer to the Authorization Manager view for details on how to set this permission. For details on setting the requiredRoles attribute, refer to section Controlling Access to the Administration Perspective of chapter Controlling Access.

Model Management
Figure: Model Management

Figure: Model Management Model Details

The Model Management View displays the following details of the deployed models:

If a description is added to the Description section in the Properties page for the model, it is displayed as tooltip text when you hover the mouse over the model name.

Model Tooltip Text
Figure: Tooltip Text of a Model

Predefined Model

The system defined and deployed Predefined model also gets displayed in the Model Management view. You cannot perform any operation on this model.

For more information, please refer to the Predefined Model section of chapter Case - Grouping Processes in the Infinity Process Platform Concepts Predefined Model section of the Case - Grouping Processes chapter of the Concepts guide.

Figure: Model Management - Predefined Model

Using the Model Management Table Toolbar

The following functionality is provided in the Model Management table toolbar:

Figure: Model Management Table - Toolbar


From the Actions column, you can perform following actions on the deployed models:

All Actions
Figure: Available Actions