Monitoring Pending Activities

The Pending Activities view, which can be accessed via the Control Center perspective launch panel, gives an overview of all open activities according to participants.

Pending Activities View
Figure: The Pending Activities View

All open activities for all users belonging to the same organization as the logged-in user are displayed. Per default, not more than the top five participants are displayed in the columns. To add or remove participants from the columns, open the Select Columns dialog, which is described in chapter Selecting and Reordering Columns in Tables.

Overview of Open Activities

You have an overview over:

The open activities are displayed with the following information:

If a number is greater than zero, you can click it to open the according Show Activities table.

Example Scenario for Average per Month Calculation

The following scenario describes how the average per month value is calculated:

  1. Three days ago a user created 200 activity instances and suspended them.
  2. Two days ago the user created 200 activity instances and suspended them, so we have 400 altogether.
  3. Yesterday the user created 100 activity instances and suspended them. 500 pending activities are displayed for yesterday.
  4. Today the user created 30 activity instances and suspended them. Thus we have 530 pending activities for today, but these play no role in the calculation as it is based on the history of pending activities.

Say the actual month has 31 days. The number of processes of all models in the database is two. The calculation for the average per day column would be:

(200 + 400 + 500) / (31 * 2) = 17.74

Show Activities Table

The Show Activities worklist table displays the pending activities or activities in hibernated state for the participant it is invoked for. Apart from viewing the activities you have the option to perform activity operations on them. For example delegating activity instances which are currently available or the resubmission is about to end.

For a detailed description on the columns and functionality of activity tables in general, refer to chapter Working with Activity Tables in the Working with Tables section. The Show Activities table additionally contains a Resubmission Time column to display the resubmission time set for the according activity instance.

Show Activities Table
Figure: Show Activities Table