Monitoring Postponed Activities

The Postponed Activities view, which can be accessed via the Control Center perspective launch panel, displays the activity instances scheduled for resubmission.

Activities can be scheduled for resubmission, in case they have a timer event handler set up for resubmission. Please refer to chapter Resubmission for detailed information on how to schedule activity instances for resubmission.

Overview of Postponed Activities

The overview of postponed activities displays the following information about the visible team members:

Postponed Activities
Figure: Postponed Activities

All roles and organizations, the displayed team members are assigned to, have a separate table entry. To add or remove participants from the columns, open the Select Columns dialog, which is described in chapter Selecting and Reordering Columns in Tables. Per default, not more than the top five participants are displayed in the columns.

Visible Team Members

In case the logged-in user has the team leader role, all team members belonging to his team are displayed. Please refer to the section The Team Leader Role of the chapter Modeling the Organizational Structure in the Infinity Process Platform Documentation - Modeling Guide The Team Leader Role of the chapter Modeling the Organizational Structure in the Modeling Guide for detailed information on the team leader role.

The following example screenshot shows the Postponed Activities table for user Frank Cityman, who has the team leader role of the organization the roles of users Robert Doodle and Daisy Duck are members of.

Figure: Role Assignments View with all Team Members

For detailed information on a team member click the team members name to open the according User Manager Details View. For details on this view refer to chapter Viewing and changing Role Assignments to a User.

Show Activities Table

The Show Activities worklist table displays the activities in resubmission state for the participant and user it is invoked for. Apart from viewing the activities you have the option to perform activity operations on them. For example delegating activity instances which are currently available or the resubmission is about to end.

For a detailed description on the columns and functionality of activity tables in general, refer to chapter Working with Activity Tables in the Working with Tables section. The Show Activities table additionally contains a Resubmission Time column to display the resubmission time set for the according activity instance.

Show Activities Table
Figure: Show Activities Table