Setting Preferences for Activity Panel Presentation

Using the Activity Panel, each logged in user and administrator can set preferences for open and close operations of the Interactive Activity View. It enables the auto-display of documents and auto-close of child views when parent views are closed. However, the set preferences are applicable for the first time activation of the activity instance.

Activity Panel
Figure: Activity Panel Options

Following are the open and close preferences of the Interactive Activity view:

When the Interactive Activity View opens

Note that currently the options for Minimize Launch Panel, Maximize View and Pin Activity View are disabled.

When the Interactive Activity View closes

If the Close Related Views check box is selected, all views, that are open and related to the activity, are closed when the activity view is closed, if there is no following activity to be invoked belonging to the same process instance.

Views related to an interactive activity could be for example process attachments, note views or process details. When the user completes, suspends, suspends and saves or closes an interactive activity, it is checked if there is a next activity to be invoked that belongs to the same process instance. If not, the related views get closed as well, otherwise they remain open until the process instance is completed.

This check box is selected, by default.

Message Dialog

Show Warning for Unsaved Documents Opened from Activity Views - By default, this check box is selected. If selected, a warning message is displayed for an activity that has mapped documents open when it is in Completed or Suspended and Saved state. If Do not show this message again check box is selected in the Warning dialog box, then it is cleared.

Auto-Generated Activity Views