Configuring Correspondence

In the Correspondence Viewer configuration view, you can configure the following correspondence settings:

Correspondence Configuration
Figure: Correspondence Configuration

The configuration settings will be applied in the Correspondence UI Mashup. Please refer to chapter Creating Correspondence for details on using the Correspondence UI Mashup.

Selecting the Default Correspondence Type

In the General section select the default correspondence type in the drop-down list. You can choose between Print or Email/Fax.

Default Type
Figure: Select the default type

Setting the Fax Number Format

In the Number Format entry field of the Fax section, enter the format expected for the fax number. This format is used to determine the data that will be available for selection in the Addressing dialog.

The default number format is: ^\(?[0-9]{3})\)?[-. ]?([0-9]{3})[-. ]?([0-9]{4})$. For example: 111 222 4711.

Setting the Provider Suffix

In the Provider Suffix entry field of the Fax section, you can enter a suffix, which will be appended to the fax number as required by the fax service provider, for example

Fax Provider Suffix
Figure: Fax Provider Suffix

The provider suffix set in the Configuration panel will be appended to the fax number in the Correspondence UI Mashup address field.