Managing your Deputies

The My Deputies section provides functionality to:

My Deputies Overview
Figure: My Deputies Configuration

Adding a Deputy

To add a deputy to the list, click the Add Deputy icon Add Deputy in the toolbar. The Add Deputy dialog opens.

Adding a Deputy
Figure: Adding a Deputy

Enter a deputy name or a text pattern to search for in the entry field. The checkboxes Search All Users and Search Users with Similar Grants determine whether to filter for all users or to filter for users that have at least one of the same grants (organization, role or department) as the logged-in user. Per default, Search Users with Similar Grants is selected.

To search for a specific user enter the search text in the Deputy Name entry field. Start typing the search pattern and the search results are displayed in the drop-down list. Please note that the search is per default case-sensitive with the exception of the first letter. You can change to case-insensitive search by setting the property Carnot.Client.Search.CaseSensitive in your file to false.

Enter a Deputy name
Figure: Enter a Deputy name

Via the Valid From and Valid To calendar controls you can select the date range for which the deputy will be effective.

Select a date from calendar
Figure: Select a date from calendar

Per default these are empty. A value for the Valid From date is mandatory. If the Valid To date is left empty, the Deputy setting is always effective after the Valid From date.

It is not allowed to enter dates that lie in the past. In case you enter a Valid From date that is earlier than the current date, it is replaced with the current date instead.
If you enter a Valid To date that is earlier than the current date, an error message occurs.

Setting Authorizations

The Authorizations section provides the option to set the grants for the deputy. The list in the Available pane includes the logged-in user's organization, role and department grants.

Click Add or Add All to move participants selected in the Available section to the Selected section.

Adding Roles
Figure: Adding several roles for authorization

Click Remove or Remove All respectively to remove selected participants from the Selected area.

Deleting a Deputy

To delete a deputy from the list, click the Delete icon Delete in the Actions column.

Modifying a Deputy

To modify a deputy, click the Edit icon Delete in the Actions column.

The Modify Deputy dialog opens where you can change the entries described for the Add Deputy dialog above.

Adding Deputies for Roles within Departments

You can add deputy users for roles within departments. The available roles are listed for the according department and subdepartments in the following format:

Role Name (department.[parent department.[..]])

Deputy Scoped
Figure: Adding a deputy for scoped roles

Deputy of

The Deputy of section provides a read-only list of the users the logged-in user is deputy of. It also shows the valid time period.

Deputy of
Figure: List of users the logged-in user is deputy of