Configuring Settings for Users

If you are an administrator, the Participant Manager section is available, where you can modify settings for users.

Changing the User Name Format

You can choose the format for user names from the Display As drop-down list.

User name format
Figure: Setting the user name format

Setting the default Quality Assurance Probability

You can enter the Default Quality Assurance Probability for new users in percent. Minimum value is 0 and maximum value 100 %. If you leave the field empty, no Quality Assurance probability is used. For details on Quality Assurance calculations, refer to chapter Quality Assurance in the Infinity Process Platform Concepts Quality Assurance in the Concepts guide.

Participant Manager
Figure: Participant Manager settings

Click Save to save a new or changed probability value. When a new user is created, this value is visible as default in the QA Probability field in the Create User dialog.

To reset the value change, click Reset.