Saving Configuration Settings

To save your configuration settings, click the Save button in the lower left corner of the configuration panel.

Figure: Save the Configuration Settings.

Setting the Scope of the Configuration

The configuration tree provides a drop-down list that switches the scope of the Portal Configuration between Everyone and Me. Choosing Everyone applies the changes globally, whereby choosing Me applies the changes only the administrator's user account. Please note that this scope drop down list is only available for administrators.

Apply To
Figure: Apply To Option

Resetting Configuration Settings

To reset your settings to the default settings, click the Reset button in the lower left corner of the configuration panel.

Figure: Reset the Configuration.

If the Reset button is clicked, the options for Me inherit the settings of Everyone.

Also, the confirmation dialog box gets displayed. Click Yes, to reset all portal configuration preferences.

Figure: Confirm Configuration Reset

A notification dialog opens to notify the reset operation.

Figure: Notify Configuration Reset

Applying Changes in the Portal

In some cases it might be necessary to re-login to apply configuration changes. A message dialog opens to notify you that some changes will take effect with your next login.

Figure: Dialog recommending to login again.

Configuration settings are only stored in case the property Carnot.Configuration.UseDocumentRepository is not set to false in your file. Per default, this property is true. If set to false, user preferences are not saved and the default Infinity Process Platform Portal view preferences are used. Please note that currently a save confirmation dialog opens in any case, even if the configuration is not saved!