Viewing and Editing your User Profile

In the User Profile configuration section, you can view and modify user settings of the logged-in user.

Basic Settings

The following entries are available for modification in the Basics tab:

To make the password entries editable, select the Change Password checkbox.

The following user data is available for viewing only:

User Profile Configuration
Figure: User Profile Configuration

Using a User Picture

In case the option to use a user avatar is set in the Portal Configuration section, the My Picture tab is available, where you can upload and attach a picture to your user profile. Please refer to section Enabling and disabling User Avatars of chapter Configuring general Portal Components for details on how to enable the usage of user avatars.

In the My Picture tab you can select the picture to display with the account of Infinity Process Platform. You can provide the picture from various sources. GIF, JPG and PNG file formats are supported. It is recommended to use image size 64 x 64 for best results, but other sizes are also supported. You can see the picture preview as soon as you upload the image from any mode. You have the following options for your picture selection:

No Picture

By default option No Picture is selected. The default image is displayed.

My Picture - No Picture
Figure: My Picture - No Picture

Monster ID

With option Monster ID the image will be auto-generated from the MonsterID plug-in. A unique image is generated for each user.

My Picture - Monster ID
Figure: My Picture - Monster ID

Image URL

If you select option Image URL, the image will be obtained from the URL specified in the adjacent URL Text Box.

The entry field for URL is enabled if the Image URL radio button is selected. It allows the logged-in user to specify the URL to the image. The linked image is displayed in the Preview window when you click the Enter button or tab out of the URL text box.

My Picture - Imgage URL
Figure: My Picture - Image URL

My Computer

Select the My Computer option if the image should be obtained from the file system path specified in the adjacent text box. Text box, Browse and Upload buttons are enabled once this option is selected.

My Picture - My Computer
Figure: My Picture - My Computer

Browse to a picture on your file system and click Upload. The picture is displayed in the Picture Preview section.

Uploaded Picture
Figure: Picture uploaded from computer

Using a Signature

You can upload a signature for your user profile. Signatures are user-specific images that are usually scanned.

Per default, no signature is selected.

No signature selected
Figure: No signature selected

To upload a signature from your local file system, browse to the image file and click the Upload button.

Browse to a signature image
Figure: Browse to a signature image

The image with the signature appears in the Signature Preview section.

Signature Preview
Figure: Signature Preview

Note that only one signature is supported. A newly uploaded signature overwrites the previous one.

Resetting the User Profile Configuration

Click Reset if you like to restore the previously saved state of the user profile. A confirmation dialog opens to confirm the reset process.

Reset Confirmation
Figure: Reset confirmation dialog

If you click OK, an information dialog opens to confirm the reset.

Reset Confirmation
Figure: Reset information

The previously saved state of picture settings and user details is restored.