Customizing Views

Adjusting the Format of Date and Time Fields

You have the option to adjust the format of date and time fields represented in tables of your portal views. Change the following properties in the portal-common-messages*.properties file, residing in the ipp-portal-common.jar file of your Infinity Process Platform installation:

Once you update the portal-common-messages*.properties file, the same date format would be reflected across the portal.

To change the property values, unpack the ipp-portal-common.jar file and edit the portal-common-messages*.properties.

For example, the default values for the English resource bundles are:

portalFramework.formats.defaultDateTimeFormat=MM/dd/yy hh:mm a
portalFramework.formats.defaultTimeFormat=hh:mm a

With these values, a date time entry is displayed in the following way:

English Date Format
Figure: Date Format MM/dd/yy hh:mm a

Changing the defaultDateTimeFormat to:

portalFramework.formats.defaultDateTimeFormat=dd.MM.yy HH:mm

would result in a date time entry displayed in the following way:

German Date Format
Figure: Date Format dd.MM.yy HH:mm