Selecting a Perspective

Perspectives can be selected in the toolbar menu of the Navigation pane.

When logging into the Infinity Portal, it opens with the default perspective, the Workflow Execution Perspective. To switch to another perspective, select the according icon in the toolbar menu. Hovering over the icons display a tooltip with the name of the perspective. The currently selected perspective is indicated via a gray background on the according icon.

Figure: Select a Perspective to work with.

Please note that the Administration Perspective is only available for selection if the logged-in user has administration rights.


The following perspectives are provided:

Administration Perspective

The Administration Perspective provides a set of views displaying comprehensive or selective information on resources logging in and out of the system, processes being executed, activities being performed, user accounts of workflow participants and running daemons. Note that this perspective is only available for users having administrator rights.

For details on the available administrative functionality, refer to the Administration part.

Calendar Perspective

The Working with Calendars perspective provides Calendar functionality in IPP to block time in user calendars and start processes on a calendar basis.

Control Center Perspective

The Control Center Perspective provides a business management portal, which offers the possibility for:

Model & Go! Perspective

The Model & Go! perspective provides a Model & Go! perspective to create correct-by-construction Process Models. This Model & Go! perspective hides modeling complexity such as Transitions and Data Mappings.

For details on the Model & Go! perspective refer to the Model & Go! Handbook. Model & Go! Handbook.

Modeling Perspective

The Modeling Perspective provides a Web-based modeling platform for analysts to create business process flow. For details on this perspective, refer to the Business Process Modeling Handbook.

Reporting Perspective

In the Reporting perspective you can create and manage reports.

For details on working with this perspective, refer to Defining and Running Reports.

Rules Management Perspective

The Rules Management perspective provides functionality to create and manage rule sets.

For details on working with this perspective and requirements to use it, please refer to Managing Business Rules.

Workflow Execution Perspective

The Workflow Execution Perspective is a fully-functional application for executing interactive process activities. It allows you to:

Section Using the Launch Panel in the Workflow Perspective of chapter Using Launch Panels provides an overview on available functionality in the Workflow Perspective launch panel.

Showing and Hiding the Navigation

You have the option to show or hide the navigation pane.

To show the menu, click Navigation on the left side of the window.

Figure: Open Navigation

The Navigation pane opens with the perspective which was last opened in the current session. Click Navigation again if you like to hide it.

You can pin the navigation panel by clicking the Pin icon in the upper right corner of the navigation top bar.

Figure: Pinning the Navigation

Click the unpin icon to unpin the navigation again.

Figure: Unpin the Navigation