Selecting and Reordering Columns in Tables

You have the option to select the columns to be displayed in the table and reorder them. A dialog is provided where you can choose these settings. To open this dialog, select the icon () in the table toolbar.

Clearing the check box next to a column name removes the column from the table. Clicking a column and dragging it to another location reorders the columns.

Select Columns Dialog
Figure: Select Columns Dialog

Selecting the Scope (Administrators only)

Administrators can configure the default process/participant worklist columns. A drop down list is available to select whether the changes apply globally (Everyone) or to only the administrator's user account (Me).

Scope Drop Down
Figure: Scope Drop Down

The default option is to apply the changes to the logged-in user (Me).

Note that in the Portal Configuration view, the administrator also has the option to set a default layout for participant worklists. He has the option to specify whether a participant may override a default layout, as well a per role-based worklist as for personal worklists. When the administrator has locked a column layout the Select Column button is not available for the according table. Refer to chapter Configuring Worklists for details on these configuration settings.

Locking the Settings (administrators only)

A Lock button Lock Icon is provided for administrators to set a lock on participant and process worklist column selectors. The lock icon displays the current lock state, and administrators can use it to lock or unlock the default participant or process worklist.

Lock Icon
Figure: Lock Icon

Resetting the Configuration

A reset icon is available for all users to reset the defined preferences to the default setting.

Figure: Click to reset the configuration

A confirmation dialog opens to confirm the reset operation:

Reset Confirmation
Figure: Reset Confirmation

If the logged-in user has administrator rights, the reset behavior depends on the scope configuration as follows: