Table Paginating

This chapter describes the paging mechanism in Portal tables.

Paging Infobar

A paging info bar is displayed above the table displaying the entry numbers of the displayed entries and the total number of entries.

Figure: Paging Infobar with more pages

Navigating through Pages

The following paging controls are provided to navigate through table data, in case the number of entries exceeds the maximum number of rows per table page. The default number is 8, but can be adjusted in the Portal Configuration panel.

Figure: Paging

You can use the buttons for next, previous, fast forward, fast back, view first and view last operations or select specific pages of data to be displayed.

Configuring Pagination Settings

You can adjust the pagination by changing settings for page size, maximum number of pages and fast step usage in the Portal configuration. Please refer to section Configuring Paginating of chapter Configuring general Portal Components.

Known issue with Paging Update

In some cases, e.g. after terminating more processes than rows displayed in a table, it might happen that pages that are not valid anymore are still displayed, but without entries, or that the paging infobar is not updated.

In that case, refresh the view or click on any other page to update the table entries and paging details.