Communicating via Chat

The Infinity Portal provides real time interactive collaboration within the context of a process instance. Participants can communicate in the familiar chat format and can concurrently review process instance artifacts in the Infinity Process Platform Portal. As the chat progresses, each message is added to the chat transcript, which is saved as a process attachment in the current context.

Chat Session
Figure: Chat Session View

Starting a Chat Session

In case the active process has enabled process attachments, the Chat icon appears in the toolbar of an activity execution view in the Workflow Execution Perspective. Click the icon to open the Chat View and start a chat session.

Figure: Chat

Inviting and Accepting Users

The chat initiator and the user who started the chat are displayed under the Selected Users heading. The chat session remains open until the initiating operator closes the Chat view by clicking the Close icon.

Inviting Chat Users

To invite users, enter or choose them in the Select User section. Type the first few letters of an operator's first or last name in the entry field to begin selecting users for the chat session. As you type, the system searches for Infinity Process Platform operators whose first or last name matches the entered text. Note that the search is per default case-sensitive with the exception of the first letter. You can change to case-insensitive search by setting the property Carnot.Client.Search.CaseSensitive in your file to false.

Chat User Lookup
Figure: Chat User Lookup

Click the operators that you want to invite as users to the chat. Alternatively, use the arrow keys to select an operator and click the Enter key. Each invited operator is added to the Selected Users list and is notified of the chat session invitation.

Chat User Lookup
Figure: Invited Users

Messages sent during the chat session are visible to all users listed as logged-in users in the Selected Users part. To remove a user from the chat session, click the Close icon next to the user.

Accepting Invitations

Operators who are invited to participate in a Chat session receive a notification in the upper right corner of the Infinity Process Platform Portal. The Alerts entry indicates incoming chat sessions by the number of chat sessions in brackets. Clicking the Alerts entry displays the chat with the user name and an image of size 32*32.

Figure: Click the blinking Alerts entry.

Click on Join my chat to participate in the according chat session.

Chat Accept
Figure: Joining the Chat

Sending Messages

To send a chat message, type the message text in the Enter Message field and format as desired using the formatting options on the toolbar.

Click the Send button to send the message. All sent messages are broadcast to the entire group of chat session users and added to the chat transcript.

Chat Conversation
Figure: Sending a Message

Links to documents may be sent to all chat session participants, who may then choose to open the documents by clicking the links.

To send a document link, click the icon next to a document and drag it from the Document Tree to the receivers Chat Dialog area.

Drag a Document to the Chat Dialog
Figure: Drag a Document to the Chat Dialog.

Chat Transcripts

Chat messages are broadcast to all participants as they are sent and added as a separate line in the chat transcript.

Chat Conversation
Figure: Chat Log

To save the transcript to the current context as a process attachment, you have to close the chat first via the Close icon in the upper-right corner of the toolbar.

A notification message dialog appears to confirm to end the Chat session.

Confirmation Dialog
Figure: Confirmation Dialog

After saving, the chat protocol is listed in the process attachments section.

Chat Protokoll as Process Attachment
Figure: Chat Protocol as Process Attachment

To view it, click on its entry to open the appropriate document viewer. Please refer to the chapter Viewing and Editing Documents for details on viewing documents.