Creating Correspondence

The Infinity Process Platform Portal provides an efficient method to generate ad-hoc correspondence letters from predefined templates. Auto-replacement of the fields in correspondence documents is supported to simplify and speed the creation of standard correspondence, such as Claim Rejection and Claim Approval letters. Functionality for adding attachments and creating Carbon Copies of correspondence is also supported.

Correspondence documents may be printed, send by fax, or mailed (or any delivery combination) directly from the Portal. Generated correspondence is stored in the document repository and a reference is added to the associated Process Instance to provide a read-only record of the delivered correspondence.

The nature and availability of the correspondence building blocks are discussed in this chapter.

To use correspondence, Infinity provides a predefined structured data type definition CORRESPONDENCE.xsd containing required correspondence data types. The usage of this data is discussed in this chapter.

For a detailed tutorial on how to create correspondence, please refer to chapter Creating Correspondence in the Tutorials guide. Creating Correspondence in the Tutorials section of the online documentation.