Creating a Correspondence UI Mashup

To prepare a process to create correspondence, you need to set up a UI Mashup application. This UI Mashup application will be complimented with the correspondence structured data.

Example correspondence models using UI Mashup applications can be downloaded from the tutorials examples section here:
You find the models in folder correspondence/dat.
in the online documentation Tutorials Examples - Correspondence.

In the UI Mashup application, create a parameter with name CORRESPONDENCE with in and out direction and of structured data type CORRESPONDENCE. Note that it is important to name the parameter CORRESPONDENCE!

UI Mashup Parameter
Figure: Correspondence UI Mashup Parameter

In the Configuration tab select Via URI and enter the following URL:


For example:


UI Mashup configuration URL
Figure: Example UI Mashup configuration URL

Use a structured data of type CORRESPONDENCE to serve as in- and out-data for the UI Mashup parameter.

Structured Data
Figure: Structured Data to be used as in- out-data for UI Mashup