Aborting Process Instances

You can abort processes from all process tables, from the toolbar or the according Actions column. For details on process tables, refer to chapter Working with Process Tables.

Required Authorization

To abort a process, you need the permission Abort Process Instances. Please refer to section Authorization of chapter Working with Process Definitions in the Business Process Modeling Handbook for detailed information on this permission.

Aborting Processes from the Toolbar

In case you have the permission to abort the according process, the Abort Process icon Abort Process is enabled in the toolbar. You also have the option to abort several processes at once. Select all processes to abort and click the Abort icon.

Select the processes in the table

For details on aborting process instances, refer to section Aborting Process Instances.

Aborting a Process from the Actions Column

In case you have the permission to abort the according process, the Abort Process Abort option is available in the Actions column menu. Select this option to abort the according process.

Aborting the Process Instance

Per default, when starting an abort action, a dialog opens to ask to abort the current process and its subprocesses only or to abort the entire (Root) process.

Abort Process Settings
Figure: Abort Process Settings

Click Cancel in case you like to cancel the abort.

Configuring predefined abort settings

Note that, in case you have administrator rights, you can configure a default abort process setting and the dialog only ask for abort confirmation. Refer to section Abort Process of chapter Configuring Workflow Execution for details on how to configure predefined abort settings.

In that case the following dialogs open depending on your configuration:

Abort notification

After closing the abort settings dialog, a notification dialog opens with a list of successfully aborting process(es) or to notify in case of a failure.

Abort Process
Figure: Abort Confirmation Dialog.

The terminating process will abort all pending activities within this process instance. The state of the process will change to aborted. A log entry will be created for this operation.

Aborting the Default Case Process

Note that the default case process cannot be aborted using the Abort Process option. The following error is displayed.

Abort Process Error
Figure: Abort Process Error