Viewing Details on Descriptors

The Current tab of the Descriptors table displays the name and the value of the process descriptor and key descriptor values defined as in data paths in the process definition. For detailed information on working with descriptors, please refer to section Using Descriptors of chapter Configuring Data Paths in the Business Process Modeling Handbook.

Figure: Descriptors

Editing Descriptor Values

In case a descriptor has an out data path with the same Id as the descriptor's in data path, the Value field is editable.

Figure: Editing descriptor values

If you change a descriptor value, the new value is persisted once you tab out of the field. A notification appears indicating that it was updated. All tables containing a Descriptor column with the descriptor value for this process, displays the new value after a refresh.

The Last Modified and Modified By field displays the date and time when the descriptor is modified by the logged in user.

Viewing Descriptor History

The History tab displays details of any change to descriptor value. Any changes to process data paths are logged in the History tab for auditing.

To view the history of the descriptors update, you need to set the following property in the file. AuditTrail.Logging.ProcessInstanceLogCodes = Data

Following details are displayed:

  1. Time Stamp - The date/time of each modified Descriptor is displayed
  2. Event - Data change event is displayed
  3. Path ID - Displays the path ID of data
  4. User - The user who last modified it is displayed
  5. Details - Details of data, process instance and data path are displayed

Figure: Descriptors - History

By default, all the columns are displayed. To remove any column from the History table, open the Select Column dialog. For more information, please refer to the chapter Selecting and Reordering Columns in Tables.

Exporting Descriptor History

You can export descriptor history using the Export as Excel and Export as CSV options. Click the appropriate Export icon in the table toolbar of the History panel to export it.