Recovering Process Instances

When recovering a process instance, all activity instances of the process which do not have the state completed will be triggered. Then it will be checked if this process has activities, which have either the state interrupted or created. These activities will be executed again. In case no activity has been executed yet, the process will start with his first activity.

For details on a process you like to recover, click this process in the Process column in the process table to open the Process Details view. For details on this view refer to chapter Viewing Process Details.

When invoking the recover action, the following dialog opens to notify about the recovering process:

Recover Notification
Figure: Recover Notification

You have the following options to recover process instances from a process table:

For details on working with process tables, refer to chapter Working with Process Tables.

Recovering Process Instances from the Toolbar

On top of process tables you find a button to recover processes that you have selected in the table. Select all processes you like to recover in the table and click the button.

Recovering a Process Instance from the Actions Column

To recover a process from the Actions column, select the Recover Process option in the Actions column drop-down list.