Searching for Documents

The Workflow Execution Perspective provides the facility to search for any uploaded document. You can enter full text or the partial text. The search result is performed for the content as well as documents matching the search text. You can also navigate to the related process from the search result.

Click on the Document Search link from the Documents launch panel of the Workflow Execution Perspective.

Search Documents
Figure: Document Search

Document Search Criteria

The Documents Search view displays the search criteria.

Document Search
Figure: Document Search

The supported search criteria are:

Click the Reset button if you want to provide new search criteria in the Document Search dialog.

Examples - Full Text Search Patterns

Some of the example search patterns of the full text search are as follows. However, the only limitation is with the AND operator. Instead of AND operator, you can use &&.

Document Search Result

Click the Search button. The document search result lists the documents matching the search criteria.

The following details of the documents are displayed in the search result:

The following columns are not displayed, but can be added via the Select Column filter ():


In the Actions column, a list with actions for the according document is provided.

Actions column
Figure: Actions column

To open the list with available actions to select from, click the ... entry.

Actions Menu
Figure: Actions menu

The following actions are available:

For more information on document operations, please refer to chapter Document Operations.

Toolbar Action for Attaching document(s) to a process

You can attach documents to specific processes, which are selected in the table.

In case at least one document row is selected, the Attach Document(s) To Process icon is enabled. Click the icon to attach the selected document(s) to a process.

Figure: Attach Document(s) To Process

The Attach Document(s) To Process dialog opens. You can either select a process from the process list or enter the process OID directly.

The process list option is enabled when at least one activity is currently open in an Activity view by the logged-in user. The drop-down list displays the Process Name (OID) for the process instances linked to the activities that the logged-in user has currently open.

Figure: Select a Process.

To select the process directly per OID, enter the OID in the text field of the Specify Process OID section.

Figure: Attach Document(s) To Process Dialog

Once a process is selected, a confirmation dialog opens to notify if the attachment was successful. In case the document(s) have been attached successfully, the following message displayed:

Figure: Confirmation Dialog.

If the attachment operation fails, an according error dialog opens.

In case a document that is being attached has the same name as one of the documents already attached to the destination process, the following error message dialog opens:

Figure: Message indicating duplicate name.

Clicking OK copies the document(s) to the specified destination process instance and closes the dialog. Cancel closes the dialog without copying document(s).