Using Annotations

An annotation is a small, sizeable, floating window that you can overlay onto a document. The annotation information is entered by you and it may contain information such as a reminder note to the next processor, the highlighting of a particular portion of the document, or a comment to indicate that the document is not in good processing order. These notes will not affect the original file in any way.

Annotations are added by selecting an annotation type from the toolbar and clicking the location on the image where the annotation should be displayed. Multiple annotations can be added to an image. This includes adding multiple annotation types or multiple annotations of the same type.

Annotation Types

The following annotation types are available:

For details on how to use these annotations in the Viewing area, refer to chapter Working in the Viewing Area.

The functionality of these annotations is described in the according viewing area toolbar sections.

Selecting Annotations

Annotations are selected by default when added to the image. Existing annotations may be selected by clicking on them. Please note to disengage an annotation mode in case one is selected, before selecting an annotation. Annotation selection is indicated by a blue bold border around the annotation.

Selected Annotation
Figure: Selected Annotation

Selection enables resizing and dragging handles and other controls for the annotation.

Showing and Hiding Annotations

Click the Show / Hide Annotations icon to switch between showing and hiding annotations overlayed on the image.

Figure: Showing and Hiding Annotations

When clicking on an annotation, the annotation menu appears in the upper right corner of the annotation.

Figure: Annotation Menu.

The following options are available:

Deleting an annotation

Select the bin icon to delete an annotation:

Figure: Delete the annotation.

Annotation settings

For some annotation types, a settings dialog is opened when selecting the tool icon. Depending on the annotation type, this dialog provides controls to set properties such as color and font size.

Figure: Select the tool icon to open the Settings Dialog.

Showing Annotation Information

To get information on the annotation, like the user who created or updated it and when it was last updated, click the info icon:

Figure: Click the Info Icon.

A small dialog opens in the right corner of the annotation containing these information.

Figure: Information about the Annotation.

Saving, Printing, Faxing or Emailing Documents with Annotations

Note that annotations do not save, print, fax, or e-mail with the document when using these options in the Infinity Process Platform Portal. In case annotations were added, deleted, or modified, a document is marked as "changed" and you will be prompted to save the document when closing the viewer or logging out of the portal.

Figure: Message appearing when closing the viewer with unsaved document changes.