Viewing and Editing Notes

In the Notes View, which you can invoke from activity tables, process tables and activity execution panels, you have the option to view details and content about existing notes as well as to add new notes.

Notes View
Figure: Notes View

Invoking Notes from the Activity Execution View Toolbar

To add or view notes in the activity execution view of the Workflow Execution Perspective perspective, you can add or read a note pertaining to the activity instance. Click the Notes icon in the toolbar to open the Notes menu.

Adding Notes

To add a new note to an activity, select Add New Note in the menu.

Add a new Note
Figure: Adding a new Note

Viewing Notes

In case notes exist already for the current process, this is indicated via a filled Notes icon (). In the Notes drop-down menu, existing notes are displayed with the first characters of their content. To view an existing note, click on its entry accordingly. The Notes Viewsopens, where you can read the content.

Viewing a Note
Figure: Viewing a Note

Invoking Notes from Action Columns in Tables

You can invoke the Notes View from activity and process tables. For details on these tables, refer to chapters Working with Activity Tables and Working with Process Tables respectively.

To add or view notes pertaining to an activity or process, select the Notes option in the Actions column menu of the according row in the activity or process table.

Using the Notes View

Notes List

The Notes List shows a table displaying the following details about existing notes:


The table may be sorted by the following columns by clicking the sort icon :

The table data can be toggled between ascending and descending order when the sort icon is clicked. The default order is by Created in descending order, thus the note added newest is displayed on top.

Please refer to section Sorting Table Content of chapter Filtering and Sorting Data Entries for detailed information on sorting columns in the Infinity Process Platform Portal.

Adding a New Note

To add a new note, click the Add Note icon in the Notes table toolbar.

In the provided field, add the note text.

Enter Text.
Figure: Enter Text.

Select Save to save the note (or Cancel to discard the note).

The created note is now displayed in the Notes table.

Figure: New note displayed in table

Viewing Existing Notes

To view an existing note, hover the mouse over the entry in Notes Preview column.

A tooltip field opens displaying the content of the note.

Viewing a Note
Figure: Viewing a Note.

If a note is selected in the table, the note content is displayed in the View Note mode and the Add Note icon is enabled. Note that you cannot view the content of multiple notes at a time.

View Note Mode
Figure: View Note Mode

Viewing Details on the Author of the Note

The user, who is the author of a selected note, is displayed below the table along with the creation date of the note. To view details on the author of a note, click the user entry.

Click User
Figure: Open User Details

A User Details dialog opens displaying user data.

User Details
Figure: User details of the author of the selected note