Managing Deputies

You have the option to transfer authorizations and workflow tasks to another user who will be in charge of performing these tasks for a limited time. For example, this might be requested while being out of office. Open the Deputy Management view in the Control Center Perspective to manage deputies for participants.

Figure: Deputy Manager View

The logged-in user can add deputies for himself, regardless of the Manage Deputy permission. If the logged-in user has the administrator role, he can also set deputies for all other roles.

Participants Table

The Participants table displays a list of all participants and if they have deputies assigned, indicated by Yes or No.

Deputy Table

The Deputy table displays the deputies for the participants that is selected in the Participants table above this table. In case the selected participant does not have a deputy, this table is empty, but the Add Deputy button is available.

Figure: Deputies of selected participant

Adding Deputies

Click the Add Deputy option Add Deputy in the toolbar to add a new deputy.

The Add Deputy dialog opens for adding new deputies.

Figure: Add Deputy Dialog

Searching for Users

You can search for users by entering a name pattern. User names matching the pattern are provided in the drop-down list. Select the user from this list. Note that the search is per default case-sensitive with the exception of the first letter. You can change to case-insensitive search by setting the property Carnot.Client.Search.CaseSensitive in your file to false.

Figure: Search for Users

Selecting the scope of the Auto-Search

The checkboxes Search All Users and Search Users with Similar Grants determine whether to filter for all users or to filter for users that have at least one of the same grants (organization, role or department) as the logged-in user. Per default, Search Users with Similar Grants is selected.

Search Scope
Figure: Search Scope

Calendar Control

Via the Valid From and Valid To calendar controls you can select the date range for which the deputy will be effective. Per default these are empty and effective from the date the deputy was created with no restriction in the Valid To date.

Figure: Calendar Controls


Setting the Deputy's Grants

The Authorization section provides the option to set the grants for the deputy. The list in the Available pane includes the logged-in user's organization, role and department grants.

Click Add or Add All to move participants selected in the Available section to the Selected section.

Figure: Add grants to the deputy

Click Remove or Remove All respectively to remove selected participants from the Selected area.

Figure: Remove grants from the deputy

The new deputy is immediately added after the Apply button is clicked in the dialog.

Editing Deputies

To edit settings for a deputy, click the Edit Deputy option Edit Deputy in the Actions columns to launch the Edit Deputy dialog. This dialog is similar to the Add Deputy dialog described in the previous section. In this dialog, the Deputy Name field is read-only.

The changes are persisted immediately upon clicking the Apply button.

Modify Deputy Dialog
Figure: Modify Deputy Dialog

Deleting Deputies

To delete a deputy, click the Delete Deputy Edit Deputy in the Actions column. Note that no confirmation message appears.