Attaching Process Documents

You can attach process documents to your activity in the activity execution view of the Workflow Execution Perspective. Note that this functionality is only available in case the active process has enabled process attachments. Please refer to the section Process Attachments in the chapter Working with Process Definitions of the Infinity Process Platform Documentation - Modeling Guide Process Attachments in the chapter Working with Process Definitions of the Modeling Guide for information on how to enable process attachments.

Using the Process Document Menu

To upload, create or display process documents, click the Process Documents Process Documents icon in the toolbar.

In case Process Documents exist, the icon is displayed as Process Documents.

A drop-down panel opens, providing a menu with the following sections, which are separated via a horizontal separator:

Process Document
Figure: Document menu sections

Existing documents comprise process attachments and typed documents, displayed in a flat list.

Uploading a Document

Select Upload Document to open the File Upload dialog, where you can choose a file to upload.

Process Document
Figure: Upload a Document.

Please refer to section Uploading Documents of chapter Document Operations for detailed information about this dialog.

Creating new Files

Select Create New File to open a document view, where you can enter content for the new file.

Create a new Document
Figure: Create a new Document.

Please refer to section Creating new Files of chapter Document Operations for a detailed description of creating new documents.

Uploading Specific Documents

Specific documents that have no document uploaded to the process, are displayed with icon . In that case, clicking the document opens the File Upload dialog. For details on specific documents, refer to section Viewing and Managing Process Documents of chapter Process Documents.

Uploading a Specific Document
Figure: Uploading a Specific Document

Viewing and Editing existing Documents

Existing documents are displayed in the document pop-up panel. To edit or view a listed document, click on its entry to open the according document view.

Edit a Document
Figure: Edit a Document.

Please refer to the chapter Viewing and Editing Documents for detailed information on the document view.

Detaching Documents

To detach an attached document from a process instance, click the Detach Document icon on the right side of the document.

Detaching a Document
Figure: Detaching a Document.

A dialog opens to confirm the detachment of the document resource from the process instance. Click Yes to confirm or No to cancel the operation.

Confirmation Dialog
Figure: Confirmation Dialog

This operation removes the reference to the Process Instance but it does not delete the document from the document repository.