Executing Quality Assurance Activities

In case an activity is in quality assurance state, this is indicated via an overlay icon in the activity execution view of the Workflow Execution Perspective:

Refer to chapter Quality Assurance of the Infinity Process Platform Concepts section Quality Assurance of the Concepts section for details on the concept of quality assurance in Infinity.

For details on how to set quality assurance for activities, please refer to chapter Specifying Activity Properties in the Business Process Modeling Handbook or to chapter Quality Assurance on interactive Activities of the Eclipse Modeling Guide respectively.

The toolbar provides the following three options instead of the Complete option depending on the quality assurance state:

Activity View for Quality Assurance Activities
Figure: Toolbar icons for Quality Assurance activity operations

Note that the Suspend & Save button is disabled in the toolbar as suspending and saving a Quality Assurance activity is not possible.

Display Quality Assurance Codes

Click the option Display Quality Assurance Codes to see the quality assurance code(s) added to the quality assurance activity instance.

QA Codes
Figure: Display quality assurance codes added to the activity instance.

Pass Quality Assurance

Click the Pass Quality Assurance icon Pass Quality Assurance to pass the activity.

The Pass Quality Assurance dialog opens.

Select whether you have performed corrections on the activity instance or not.

Passing without correction

If no corrections were made, optionally enter an according note in the Add Note section and click OK to complete the pass quality assurance action.

Pass Quality Assurance Dialog
Figure: Pass Quality Assurance dialog.

Passing with correction

In case corrections were made, you have to select quality assurance codes.

  1. Click Pick From List to open the list with all available codes.

    QA Dialog - with corrections

  2. In the list select one or more codes you like to be appended to the quality assurance activity.

    Select Code

  3. Optionally enter an according note, e.g. about the corrections perfomed, in the Add Note section and click OK to complete the pass quality assurance action.

    Passing Quality Assurance

In case you like to search for a code having a specific pattern, click Search For Quality Assurance Codes:

  1. You can now enter a string pattern that should be contained in the code to select.

    Search Quality Assurance Code

  2. Select the code from the list.
  3. The selected code(s) are displayed in the Selected Quality Assurance Codes section.

    Search Quality Assurance Code

Fail Quality Assurance

To fail quality assurance for an activity:

  1. Click the Fail Quality Assurance button Fail Quality Assurance to fail quality assurance for the activity.
  2. The Fail Quality Assurance dialog opens.

    Fail QA dialog

  3. Select quality assurance code(s) for the activity as described for passing activities in the previous section.
  4. Optionally enter an according note in the Add Note section.
  5. In the Assign To Last Performer section, decide whether the activity should be delegated to the last performer or to the worklist of the default participant.
  6. Click OK to complete the fail action or Cancel to cancel the operation.