Suspending Activities

You can suspend or suspend and save activities in the activity execution view of the Workflow Execution Perspective. With the suspend action, an activity instance is suspended to the participant and department that it was in prior to its activation. In cases where no previous suspended information is available from the activity instance history table, the activity is delegated to the default participant. Suspending activities can be done in two ways:

  1. Suspend Suspend: "normal" suspend where the activity panel or application has no chance to write back its data. That means, that any modification done by a user will be lost.
  2. Suspend and Save Suspend and Save: calls the OUT-Data mappings prior to suspending the activity. If the activity panel/application returns the current working states correctly, the user work can be saved.

You can explicitly determine if you like to suspend the activity instance to the users worklist or to the default participant. Click the menu icon to the right side of the Suspend or Suspend & Save button respectively to open the menu with these two options: