Activity Operations

The following chapters provide details on operations that can be performed on activities.

Opening the Activity Execution View

The activity execution view opens, when an interactive activity is started from the launch panel of the Workflow Execution Perspective or the General Worklist View. It provides functionality like performing, delegating or resubmission of activities.

Activity Toolbar Options

The following table gives an overview on available toolbar options for activities in the Workflow Execution view:

Icon Operation Related Chapter
Complete Complete Completing Activities
Suspend Suspend Suspending Activities
Suspend and Save Suspend and Save Suspending Activities
Delegate Delegate Delegating Activities
Abort Abort Aborting Activities
Relocate Relocate Relocating Activities
Case Menu Case Menu Grouping Root Process Instances under a new Case Process
Spawn Process Spawn Process Spawning Processes
Process Details Process Details Viewing Process Details
Notes Notes Viewing and Editing Notes
Assembly Line Icon Enabled / Assembly Line Icon Disabled Disable / Enable Assembly Line Mode Working in Assembly Line Mode
Resubmit Resubmit Resubmitting Activities
Process Documents Process Documents Attaching Process Documents
Pass Quality Assurance Pass Quality Assurance Executing Quality Assurance Activities - Pass Quality Assurance
Fail Quality Assurance Fail Quality Assurance Executing Quality Assurance Activities - Fail Quality Assurance
Display Quality Assurance Codes Display Quality Assurance Codes Executing Quality Assurance Activities - Display Quality Assurance Codes
Linked Processes Linked Processes Viewing the Link Type during Activity Execution
Chat Chat Communicating via Chat