Previewing Reports

In the Preview tab, you can preview your report in the layout type you selected.

Retrieving the entire Data Set

In large data sets, the preview might not display all records. The default amount of data that is used to render the preview is 500. In case you like to fetch the entire data set, click the Retrieve all link.

Retrieve all
Figure: Link for retrieving all Data


In case you have defined parameters as described in section Defining Report Parameters of chapter Specifying Data Sets, a Parameters section appears at the top of the preview tab.

This section supports changing parameters and re-running the report with these parameters.

Figure: Preview Parameters

If you change parameters, click the Submit button to re-run the Report with the new parameters.

Switching tabs also re-runs the Report but with its default parameters.

Charts and Tables displayed as Preview

The charts and tables display as defined in the Report Definition Layout tab.

For example a chart defined as XY Plot for a simple report is displayed like in the following screenshot:

XY-Plot Example
Figure: XY-Plot Example