Using the Global Menu

All pages except the Login page have access to the Global Menu, which provides general Portal options such as logging out.

Opening and closing the Global Menu

The menu slides out from the right side when the Global Menu icon is tapped, and the menu options can be executed by tapping them.

Global Menu
Figure: Global Menu

To close the menu tap the icon again.

Global Menu Options

The Global Menu provides the following options:

Menu Option Description

Navigates to the Launch Page.

This option is not available in the Launch Page itself.

Profile Opens the Profile Page. Refer to section Viewing and Editing the User Profile for details.
Settings Opens the Portal Settings Page. Refer to section Changing and Viewing Portal Settings for details.
Log out Logs the user out of the portal


Viewing and Editing the User Profile

Tap the User Profile entry in the Global Menu to open the Profile page. This page provides the following user details:

You can edit these entries by tapping the pencil icon on the right side. Supported editing operations are the following:

Changing and Viewing Portal Settings

Tap the Settings entry in the Global Menu if you like to view or change Portal settings. The Settings Page opens, where you can view and edit the following settings:

Portal Settings
Figure: Changing and Viewing Portal Settings

Tap Save to save your edited settings. To discard your changes tap Cancel.


In the Action part you can determine the activity panel Cancel (Suspend) and Save (Suspend and Save) preference. The following options are provided:

Action Setting
Figure: Select the behavior when saving or canceling an active activity


In the Lists section you can determine the following settings: