Starting with the Mobile UI

To start the mobile interface, you need a working instance of the Infinity Portal running. Simply enter the Infinity Mobile Interface URL into the mobile browser as follows:




Now you can start with

Adding a Short-Cut for the Infinity App

You can add a shortcut to the Infinity Web site like for standard native applications. This is the preferred way to launch the Infinity Mobile Interface as the browser operates in "full screen" mode, which mimics an app with no browser buttons, toolbars etc.

To add the shortcut, please follow the instructions provided by iOS or Android accordingly:

Figure: Creating a Home Screen Shortcut

Now the shortcut appears on your home screen accordingly.

Shortcut Icon
Figure: Shortcut in your Home Screen

Accessing the Mobile Interface

You can access the Infinity Mobile Interface by entering the URL for the Infinity Mobile Interface in a browser as mentioned above or by clicking the Infinity Application icon on the iOS home page or shortcut on Android, when added as described in the previous section.

Logging in

To login you require a valid username, password, and partition as in the regular portal. For details on logging into the Portal, refer to chapter Logging in the Infinity Portal.

Figure: Logging in

Successfully logging in establishes a session and presents the Launch Page. A menu list is provided to support the most important Business Process Management use cases, including the following:

Note that these use cases will be extended in future releases, e.g. the support for report viewing will be provided soon.

Launch Panel
Figure: Launch Panel opening after successful login

Session Timeout

Successfully logging in establishes a session that times out as in the regular portal.

Using the Launch Page

The Launch Page provides access to the most important use cases.

Icon Page Option Description
Worklist Icon Worklist Tap to open the Worklist Page. A count of the activities in the worklist is displayed next to the Worklist label.
Start Work Icon Start Work Tap to open the Start Work Page. Refer to chapter Starting Processes for details on this page.
Search Icon Search Tap to open the Search Page. Refer to chapter Searching for Documents, Activities and Processes for details on this page.
Reports Icon Reports Tap to open the Reports Page. Refer to chapter Viewing and Running Reports for details on this page.
Documents Icon Documents Tap to open the Documents Page. Refer to section Viewing and Managing Documents in the Documents Page of chapter Managing Documents for details on this page.

Sorting Lists

The sorting option allows to sort a list based on specific criteria. To sort a list, tap the Sort icon on the top right of the list. The sorting menu opens with a list with all possible sorting criteria. Select the type you like your currently opened list to be sorted by.


The mobile user interface is fully internationalized. Ask for your locale if not available.