Using the Infinity Portal from a Mobile Device

In some cases you like to initiate and / or participate in workflows from your mobile device. Infinity provides rich integration with interfaces very familiar to other native mobile functionality like camera or GPS. With the Infinity mobile UI you can use a subset of the general Portal functionality from Android and iPhone devices. The main Business Process Management and Document Management capabilities of the regular portal are provided with additional mobile-specific features to leverage native mobile device functions. This includes support for:

Architectural Highlights

The Infinity Mobile Interface leverages jQuery Mobile and AngularJS to provide the foundation for the client-side framework. jQuery Mobile provides the presentation and routing mechanisms while Angular is used to provide data binding and dependency injection. Data access is provided by a RESTful service layer abstracted from the existing Infinity service layer.

Using native Mobile Functionality

Native mobile functionality is supported in the following way:


This guide leads you to the functionality of the Infinity mobile UI.