Starting Processes

The Start Work Page lists all processes that the logged-in user is authorized to start. It is similar to the processes launch panel in the Workflow Execution Perspective of the regular Portal. Please refer to section Using the Launch Panel in the Workflow Perspective of chapter Using Launch Panels in the Portal documentation for details.

You can access this page by tapping the Start Work option on the Launch Page.

Start Work Page
Figure: Start Work Page

Tapping a process starts a new process instance and opens an activity page for the newly started process instance.

According to the first startable activity, the activity form page opens. Refer to section Using the Interactive Activity Form of chapter Working with Activities for details.

Can't Activate Dialog

In case conditions prevent an interactive activity from activating for the newly started process instance, a dialog pops up.

You are prompted to either view the process details or to close the dialog.

Figure: Activity Instance is not activatable