Example Use Cases

The following examples guides you through using the Infinity mobile UI on specific use cases.

Vehicle Accident Report Example

Suppose you have an accident with your vehicle. The following example demonstrates how the Infinity mobile UI could be used to report the accident, e.g. to the insurance:


The underlying model for this process contains the following processes:

Auto Accident

Process Auto Accident:
This structured process should be used for auto accidents where no one was injured or received medical attention as a result of the accident.


The structured data used in this process are Person for personal details and AccidentInformation for details on the accident:

Person Data
Figure: Structured Data for personal details

Accident Information Data
Figure: Structured Data for accident information


Task Investigate Accident is a user task using a UI Mashup application. This UI Mashup application uses the structured data types described above as input and output parameters and provides a UI form where you can enter the according data.

UI Mashup Parameter
Figure: UI Mashup Parameter

Property Claim

In case you like to report a claim for damaged or destroyed property, use process Property Claim.


Here a structured data PropertyIncident is used to retrieve all information required about the property damage caused by the accident.

Property Incident Data
Figure: Structured Data for property incident details

Process Auto Claim

Process Auto Claim

Process Auto Claim
Figure: Process Auto Claim

Using the Process on your Mobile Device

Deploy the model described above. Now you can use the workflow on your mobile device. Login to Infinity mobile UI as described in section Logging in of chapter Starting with the Mobile UI.

Starting the process

Perform the following steps on your mobile device to start the process:

  1. In the launch panel page, which automatically opens when logged in, tap Start Work. All startable processes (Auto Accident and Property Claim) are displayed in the list. Refer to chapter Starting Processes for details.

    Start Work List

  2. Tap the Auto Accident entry to start the process.
  3. The interactive activity form page opens.

    Form Tab

    Refer to section Using the Interactive Activity Form of chapter Working with Activities for details on using this form and its options.
  4. Fill out the form which is provided via the UI Mashup with your accident details and tap Submit.

    Submit Activity

Adding a note to the process

Optionally you can add a note to the process:

  1. Tap the Note tab and enter a note in the provided text field.


    You can also use the voice recording for adding a note. Tap the microphone icon on the upper right side of the text entry field and record your message. To stop recording tap the microphone icon again.


    Refer to section Adding and Viewing Notes of chapter Working with Activities for details.

Attaching a photo

Attach a photo of the accident, which you take from your mobile phone:

  1. Tap on the Documents tab
  2. Select the Browse icon and choose whether to directly take a photo with your mobile camera or to upload an already existing photo

    Attach Photo

  3. Tap the icon to upload as document

For details on viewing and attaching documents, refer to section Adding and Viewing attached Documents of chapter Working with Activities.

Tapping an uploaded document in the list, opens it in the Document Viewer.

Figure: Uploaded Photo

Realtor Property Listing Example

Another use case is a realtor property listing, which would imply the following steps:

This use case could be implemented similar as the Vehicle Accident Report example described above.