Simulation Configurations

A simulation configuration describes the complete set of data describing assumptions about the behavior of all elements of a process model. Because a lot of these assumptions are time-variant (e.g. arrival rates, availabilities), an interval for the simulation configuration has to be specified.

Managing Simulation Configurations

You can manage simulation configurations by opening the Simulation property page in the property dialog for process models:

Simulation Configuration Overview

You may use the buttons Add, Delete and Copy to create, delete or clone simulation configurations.

The Simulation property tree entry will contain subnotes for each new simulation configuration. Selecting such a node will open the property page for the selected simulation configuration:

Simulation Properties

with the properties

If the Current Configuration checkbox is selected, all changes in other property dialogs are applied to this configuration.

You can change the "Derived from Audit Trail Data" option for all model elements with the following checkboxes:

Note, that simulation runs exceeding Interval Start and End will cause runtime exceptions.