Configuration Files

When creating a new dynamic Web project, the necessary configuration files are added automatically according to the facets that were selected for this project.

Editing the Configuration Files

You can adapt the configuration files to customize your Web application, for example the appearance of the Workflow Execution Perspective and the Administration Perspective. The main configuration files are:

In the folders of the portal facets you find all necessary Web resources, xhtml, jspx and graphic files, as well as the style sheets for provided skins.


The web.xml file is the standard Web application deployment descriptor file of your project. You find it in your WebContent/WEB-INF folder of the dynamic Web project. The next chapter Web Application Deployment Descriptor describes the predefined entries, like initialization parameters, servlets and other components, needed for running the Infinity Process Platform portal.

Portal Configuration Files


In the WebContent/WEB-INF/config/ipp/jsf folder of your dynamic Web project you find a configuration file faces-config.xml, which is initialized with Infinity Process Platform specific values. You can edit this file and add your own properties. Each configurable property can be defined either inline with a static, constant value, or with a JSF EL expression that is re-evaluated on each request.

You can also create your own custom configuration file, which you have to add to the list of configuration files in the web.xml file. For example, if you have created a file called custom-faces-config.xml, add it to the parameter value list of the context parameter javax.faces.CONFIG_FILES:


Please refer to the JavaServer Faces Technology - Documentation for information on parameters used in the faces-config.xml file and for general information on how to work with JavaServer Faces.

Portal specific configuration file

When creating a new Dynamic Web project with Process Manager Portal facets, the following configuration file is added:

in the WebContent/WEB-INF/config/ipp/jsf folder.

This files contain predefined navigation rules and managed beans parameters for the Infinity Process Platform Portals.

A file is provided in the ipp-resources folder of your dynamic Web project, where you can add or adapt parameters.

You find a table with all configurable parameters in the files in chapter Client Side Properties of the Operation Guide.