Creating a Dynamic Web Project in Eclipse

After the configuration of the server and database a dynamic Web project with Process Manager facets activated can be created in Eclipse. This project contains all relevant artefacts, like JARs and configurations, to run the Infinity Process Platform Portal in the Web application of this project. The Workflow Execution Perspective can be started without any further configuration after Web application server start.

Make sure the option to build projects automatically is enabled so that all sources will be compiled and classes are copied to the required locations (Project > Build Automatically).

Create a Dynamic Web Project

To create a new dynamic Web project in Eclipse:

  1. On the main menu select File > New > Project....
  2. In the upcoming wizard choose Web > Dynamic Web Project.

    Creating a Dynamic Web Project
    Figure: Creating a New Dynamic Web Project

  3. Click Next.
  4. In the properties page enter a name for your Web project.
  5. Make sure that the target runtime is set to Apache Tomcat with the currently supported version.
    If not, please set up the Apache Tomcat server as described in the section Configuring the Server of the previous chapter.
  6. Select Dynamic web module_version 2.5, as 3.0 is currently not supported by IPP.

    dynamic web module version

  7. In the Configurations entry, select Infinity Process Platform Portal for Dynamic web module 2.5 in the drop down list. The facets provided with this configuration can be added or removed later as described in section Process Manager Facets.

    Setting Dynamic Web Project Properties
    Figure: Setting Dynamic Web Project Properties

  8. Click Next.

Now choose the folder for your java sources, the default is src. Leave or adjust the default output folder and select Next.

Set Build Path
Figure: Set Build Path.

The next dialog gives you the opportunity to configure Web module settings. If you want to use the default settings, just choose Next.

  1. The default context root is the name of your project, optionally choose another name.
  2. The default name of the content directory for your Web project is WebContent. Optionally choose another name.
  3. Select Next.

Configure Web Module Settings
Figure: Configure Web Module Settings

The next dialog is the JSF Capabilities dialog, where you enter the following values:

JSF Capabilities Dialog

Now click Finish.

A dialog opens to ask if the perspective should be changed. The J2EE perspective is optional, so click No.

Changing the Perspective
Figure: Change the perspective

As the Process Manager - Jackrabbit facet is contained in the Infinity Process Platform Portal configuration, you have to set the repository path as described in the section Setting the Repository Path of the Document Service Integration Guide.

After creating the dynamic Web project, the folder structure will look like in the example below. A top level folder is created for the project and the project files are initialized.

New Dynamic Web Project in Package Explorer
Figure: New Dynamic Web Project in the Package Explorer

Process Manager Facets

Beside the Infinity Process Facet itself, Infinity Process Platform provides several facets to add or remove functionality, e.g. to your Infinity Process Platform Workflow Execution Perspective:

Please note that the Process Manager - Portal facet requires the JavaServer Faces facet.

Adding and Removing Facets

You can add or remove facets in the Projects Facets properties dialog by selecting the corresponding project facets. To add or remove project facets to your project:

  1. Right-click your project and select Properties.
  2. In the properties dialog select Project Facets.
  3. On the right side all available facets are listed, which you can enable or disable:

    Facet Selection
    Figure: Enable or disable Project Facets.

  4. In case of disabling (thus deleting) facets, confirm the dialogs asking to remove the according facet folders, e.g.:

    Confirm Delete

Now you can create a model or import an existing one in the new dynamic Web project. Please refer to the chapter The Process Workbench of the Modeling Guide to get information on how to create and import models in the Process Workbench.

Java classes added to the project for applications or data in the process model are also available in the runtime environment.

Adding and Removing Jackrabbit Facets

As some files could be locked by the server process, please stop your server before adding or removing Jackrabbit facets. Restart it afterwards.

Upgrading Process Manager Facets

If you have a dynamic Web project with an earlier Infinity Process Platform version, upgrade the Process Manager facets you are using. You can select the version in a drop-down list.

  1. Open the projects's properties dialog.
  2. Select Project Facets.
  3. Select the facets to update and choose the according facet version in the drop down list, e.g.:

    Choose Facet Version
    Figure: Choose Facet Version.

  4. Click Apply.

Please note that your server version should apply with the facet version you choose.