General Concepts

The Rapid Application Development offers the possibility to get started quickly in application development without requiring a client-dependent development environment.


The Rapid Application Development Environment provides an out-of the box development environment for process-aware Web applications with the following benefits:


The usage of the RAD environment does not require any detailed configuration knowledge such as:

Instead, all this information is encapsulated in preconfigured standard Eclipse building blocks such as for example project facets or WTP server definitions.

Preconfigured Environment

The Rapid Application Development feature provides you with a preconfigured environment consisting of a preliminary database (Derby) and support for Tomcat. The Derby database already contains a Infinity Process Platform schema. No changes are required on

Dynamic Web Project Facet

After initial configuration of the server (Tomcat) and database (Derby) a dynamic Web project with Process Manager facets activated can be created in Eclipse. This project contains all relevant artefacts, like JARs and configurations, to run the Infinity Process Platform Portal in the Web application of this project. The Infinity Process Platform Portal can be started without any further configuration after Web application server start.

Java classes added to the project for applications or data in the process model are also available in the runtime environment.

Automatic Schema Creation

On creation of the dynamic Web project with the Process Manager facets and the Embedded Derby facet enabled, the Infinity Process Platform schema will be created for this database.

Automated Application Deployment

If you edit code or other Web project resources, the changes are hot-deployed into the server in an automated way. No manual deployment steps like configuration or packaging is needed.

Model Deployment

Model deployment is possible directly from the Eclipse modeler without the need to configure an external Infinity Process Platform workspace. Server restart is not required after a model deployment.